Flashover Simulator

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Students will watch as a fire builds and flames begin to extend over their heads (rollover) and build toward a flashover. Students learn about fire behavior, fire control without causing problems with visibility and heat due to steam generation (disturbing the thermal balance).

Students can watch the effects of opening a hole in the roof (vertical ventilation), and can open a door at the front of the trailer to initiate horizontal ventilation, and practice the use of a hose stream to supplement ventilation (hydraulic ventilation).

The team will participate in overhauling the interior of the trailer. This simulator is fueled with Class “A” materials.

F.I.R.E. Flashover Simulator
F.I.R.E. Flashover Instructor Igniting the Simulator Fire grows in thie Flashover Simulator
eat building in the Flashover Simulator Instructor discusses fire growth and phases in the Flashover Simulator
Students stay low in the Flashover Simulator Fire about to Flashover
Smoke and steam in the Flashover Simulator Smoke & steam can be vented out the roof, door, or front of the simulator

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