Incident Command Courses

Many departments have completed NIMS/ICS classes (IS-700, IS-800 or 800a, ICS-100, ICS-200) within the past 18 months. If your department has not reached these levels, contact F.I.R.E. for assistance in arranging the appropriate classes.

Incident Command Picture"What comes next?" you may ask yourself. Let F.I.R.E. guide and train your department or emergency services organization through the NIMS/ICS curriculum. The model NIMS/ICS curriculum organizes for levels of training. ICS-100, which is an introduction to ICS; ICS-200 -Basic ICS: ICS-300 - Intermediate ICS; and ICS-400 - Advanced ICS.

The ICS-300 and 400 courses provide training and resources for personnel who require advanced application of the incident command system. These courses require interactive group activities and therefore it is necessary they take place in the classroom. Contact F.I.R.E. today to set up your departments NIMS/ICS training.


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