F.I.R.E. Inc. has a number of different mobile training props available for any size mock drill or disaster drill your fire department or emergency services organziation may require.

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Live Burn Simulator Car Fire Simulator
Flashover Simulator Rapid Intervention Simulator
Pump Cutaway Simulator Roof Ventilation Simulator
Confined Space Simulator Propane Tank Fire Simulator
Chimney Fire Simulator Live Burn Support Trailer

F.I.R.E. Incorporated Mobile Simulators and Trailers

Live Burn Trailer – A 40 foot trailer for simulating structural fires. This unit uses Class “A” fuels to teach fire suppression skills, advancing hose lines, proper nozzle pattern selection, and overhauling practices. This unit will challenge the firefighter’s decision-making process and skills.


Car Fire Trailer - Used to practice car fires - This simulator is fueled with propane gas and teaches proper size-up, approach to the vehicle, nozzle pattern selection, and suppression techniques. The simulations will be a fire in the engine compartment, passenger compartment, or both. Since there are flammable and combustible liquids in vehicles, the simulation may include re-ignition (“flash”) of these liquids.

Car Fire Training

Flashover Trailer – Students will watch as a fire builds and flames begin to extend over their heads (rollover) and build toward a flashover. Students learn about fire behavior, fire control without causing problems with visibility and heat due to steam generation (disturbing the thermal balance). Students can watch the effects of opening a hole in the roof (vertical ventilation), and can open a door at the front of the trailer to initiate horizontal ventilation, and practice the use of a hose stream to supplement ventilation (hydraulic ventilation). The team will participate in overhauling the interior of the trailer. This simulator is fueled with Class “A” materials.

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Flashover Trailer

Rapid Intervention Trainer – This trainer is used to simulate fire fighter rescue scenarios, and train and challenge firefighters and members of Rapid Intervention Teams.

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Rapid Intervention Team Training

Pump Cutaway Trailer – This unit has a cut away fire pump that can be wheeled into the classroom to help to understand how a fire pump operates. The students observe the operation of the shift collar in the pump’s transmission, high-speed revolution of the impeller, operation of a ball valve, and simulated operation of a FoamPro® - Class “A/B” foam system’s foam pump and controller. This unit is provided courtesy of Emergency Apparatus Maintenance Inc. (EAM).

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Ventilation Training Trailer - Used to help teach roof ventilation. Students cut vents on flat roofs, roofs with a 4/12 pitch (15 degree), and 12/12 pitch (45 degree) roofs. This can be accomplished using hand tools such as axes, and/or power saws. A roof ladder is provided to allow students to practice working from a ladder.

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Ventilation Trailer

Confined Space Trailer - This unit provides students an opportunity to think through and solve problems in a safe environment, thus preparing them if confronted with an actual situation at an emergency scene. Situations could involve rescuing a person using vertical (i.e. victim through the floor), and/or horizontal movements. Very tight spaces may require the student to remove their air supply from their back in order to proceed, but they must also continue to breathe from their air supply. Maintaining the victim’s air supply and personal protection is emphasized as critical to a successful rescue.

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Confined Space Trailer

Liquefied Petroleum (Propane) Gas Emergencies Trailer - Our propane tank fire simulator utilizes a 500 gallon capacity tank which is fueled remotely from a propane delivery truck, eliminating the possibility or a Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (B.L.E.V.E.). Propane flow to the simulator is controlled by a F.I.R.E. Instructor with the ability to instantly stop the flow in the event of a safety problem, or to correct the tactics being used. The simulation involves a fire under the tank, and operation of the tank’s relief valve. Students are taught that a risk/benefit decision must be made prior to instituting an attack, what constitutes a minimum water flow rate, and what an operating relief valve means. A leaking piping assembly (“Christmas Tree”) is also available to practice safely approaching a pressurized piping leak with the objective to shut off a supply valve to safely mitigate the situation.
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Propane Training
Chimney Fire Simulator - Designed to train firefighters in extinguishment techniques which can be used to safely suppress chimney fires. Chimney Fire Training
Live Burn Team Support Trailer - This unit is used to support “Live Burns” on acquired structures. Our team of instructors is one of the most experienced and qualified in the state of Minnesota. We have trained firefighters in many types of structures including single and multiple family homes, stores, educational, apartment buildings, restaurants and commercial buildings, etc. Our goal is to provide a safe and realistic training experience tailored to the needs of the department. The basics are observed and learned at Level One with a one room contents fire which is controlled by the student team. Level Two provides the opportunity for firefighters to size up the situation and to practice, or experiment with, various tactics. Level Three challenges the entire system including command & control, water supply, fire attack, ventilation, etc.
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Live Burn Support Trailer

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